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May 4th, 2008


Alumni [Monday
October 22nd, 2007

So any way I found this randomly.

Could someone tell Mrs. Stafford that Brandon Maynard said hi and that he finds ASU English exceptionally easy after leaving her classroom.

Thanks, and good luck with the senior projects. They're a real snap did mine in five hours the night before and got a 90.

April 29th, 2006

Great job on Senior Projects so far.
I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them.
I wish I could be there for every period to see all of them!

Also, if you haven't done this yet, remember to get your cap and gown before May 12th or else you're screwed.
It takes like a half hour to get to the place and I can give you directions if you need them since I just did this on Friday.

April 12th, 2006

So, what's everyone doing for their senior project?
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Lets play a game [Monday
February 27th, 2006
[ mood | bored ]

If anyone is like me and takes 15minute breaks for every 5 minutes you work, this should be fun for you. I'm just now starting my research (I have booknotes done). Post when you've either finished a section or the whole thing. Person who's up latest wins (or loses).

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February 27th, 2006

[ mood | distressed ]


i cant find the list of things due for this damn prject!!

i know we need 3 pages (minimum) of notes from the book.

and reaserch about the author, but thats about it...can anyone give me some more detailed stuff???

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February 26th, 2006
i think i've decided that i want to read the sound and the fury, and hopefully that's also the one i chose before. wish me luck.
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February 25th, 2006
i forgot what book i was supposed to do for the novel project.

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romanticism test tomorrow in english, reading for econ. [Wednesday
February 22nd, 2006

this is a test to see if anyone cares about stafford2006 anymore. its sad that we all have senioritis so bad we have forgotten about it.

but anyway. im pretty sure ive been told theres a vocab test on all the greek/roman mythology vocab, and on romanticism coming up tomorrow or the next day for ap english. so heres a little study guide
for romanticism (add on or correct me if needed.)

good luck on tests. :)

Also, lets not forget our novel projects are definitely due within the next week. if anyone has any tips at all on those, help. because im betting not many are further than me . . . page 2.

As for those of us in AP Econ . . . 
heres the
from the reading we were supposed to do (p. 21-29).

Furthermore, if anyone is a genius or knows a genius in calculus, I would pay semi-good money and very good baked goods for them to help me get a nice grade on the AP BC test. 

have a great week and upcoming weekend. :)

- colleen -
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December 20th, 2005

good luck on finals, everyone.

im going to try and make study guides for english and gov.

ill post if theyre good.
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December 8th, 2005

this is a question that has to do with ap government.

i didn't know the court cases and the civil rights projects were going to be due so soon! the court cases were due yesterday, and i'm barely trying to finish them tonight. does someone have a court case they can let me see? i'm completely clueless, i don't know how much detail i have to include with the majority decision, the dissent, and the reasoning for both of them.
please i will be so grateful. i'll bring someone cookies or something if they can help me, haha.

- tanya.

compare contrast essay [Thursday
December 1st, 2005

even though the rough drafts are due for most (maybe all I think) classes
this was a good site for more information on the ideals of the renaissance era since we only briefly took notes on them, and that's what the bulk of the essay is about

sweeet d00d

November 21st, 2005


hamlet test review

1. know all of the characters and their characteristics (matching).

Read more...Collapse )

2. famous quotes from each act (and who said them).

3. plot of each act (skim each act to make sure you know the action).
Read more...Collapse )

4. chronological order of events.

5. themes, motifs

lies and deception
lust for power

6. website for review: quiz

7. timed writing will be on a motif from the play (50 points).
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Sonnet Quiz [Monday
November 14th, 2005

I thought this might be useful. I made one for myself then decided i'd be nice and share.

I made a study guideCollapse )</>
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Hey! [Thursday
November 10th, 2005

You better all be started on your King Lear journals!!!

Maybe people could post some good quotes in here to help eachother out?
Or discuss the significance of the quotes?

Be ready for the test on sonnets and poetry stuff on Tuesday!

king lear: act 1. scenes 4-5/act 2. scene 1. [Thursday
October 27th, 2005

how these work
act 1. scenes 1-3

act 1. scene 4.

a hall in the duke of albany's palace. kent returns disgusted to serve his king faithfully. within the scene, the fool imparts wisdom to lear and in short tells lear that he was a fool to give away his titles and land, placing himself in the care of his daughters (un unnatural position that the child should "parent" the father). goneril enters, demanding that lear lose half of his retinue (50 men) if he is to stay with her. lear roars at her ingratitude and then assails albany when he enters, even though albany is innocent of his wife's decisions. lear resolves to live with his more "natural" daughter, regan, and he leaves with his men. over albany's objections to not be so rash or harsh, goneril calls upon oswald to carry a letter to regan informing her of what has transpired with lear and asking her to stand with her sister against their father.

act 1. scene 5.

the duke of albany's palace. lear sends the disguised kent to regan with letters explaining his side of the argument. the fool engages lear in a verbal battle in which the fool admonishes lear for his unnatural, unfatherly, unkingly behaviors.

act 2. scene 1.

the earl of gloucester's castle. edmund learns that regan and the duke of cornwall will be at the castle that night, thus setting in motion his new plan to usurp his father's title. edgar enters. edmund feigns knowledge of a plot against his brother and urges edgar to flee. edmund cuts himself and pretends upon his father's entrance that edgar attacked him because edmund would not aid him in the patricide. regan and cornwall enter. regan informs gloucester that she has received letters from both her sister and her father and asks gloucester to advise her.

October 24th, 2005
i know this doesnt have a whole lot to do with ap english specifically, but chances are if you're in ap english, you've taken the sat, and if you took the sat on october 8th, your scores are available on collegeboard.

October 23rd, 2005
"October 20th, 2005


TSW outline background for Renaissance, Hamlet, TSW read/analyze Act 1, TSW review subject-verb agreement & critical analysis.


1) Read King Lear and work on dialectical journal (Due November 17th)
2) Vocab test November 7th
3) Work on Narrative (Canterbury Tales) essay, rough draft due 10-27/10-28
4) Hamlet?"

also, for those of you doing the extra credit essay, its due on friday the 28th.
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king lear. act 1. scenes 1-3 [Friday
October 21st, 2005

how these work

act 1. scene 1.
king lear's palace, britain. the earl of gloucester and the earl of kent discuss how gloucester loves his two sons equally: edmund (the elder), gotten illegitimately; and edgar (of questionable parentage), gotten before gloucester married edgar's mother. although he loves both sons, edgar is his heir. their brief discussion frames the next, larger portion of the scene. upon his entrance, king lear announces that he will divest himself of the burdens of rule by dividing his kingdom among his three daughters: goneril, regan, and cordelia. to measure which daughter deserves the bounteous "dower," he calls upon them to speak of their love for him. goneril and regan speak well and are rewarded equally. cordelia, believing the evidence of her love is greater than her words, speaks "nothing." lear disinherits cordelia for her untender feelings and divides the remaining third-- as well as his power-- between albany and cornwall, the husbands of goneril and regan respectively. when kent tries to dissuade lear from the rash decision, he is exiled from court. even though cordelia is dowerless, france accepts her hand in marriage for her "unprized precious" virtue.

act 1. scene 2.
the earl of gloucester's castle. edmund introduces his plot to overthrow the claim of his legitimate brother edgar by giving a forged letter to gloucester that implicates edgar in a scheme of patricide.

act 1. scene 3.
the duke of albany's palace. goneril is irritated with lear's rule, demanding behavior in her home. she instructs oswald, her steward, to tell her servants to be less serviceable and colder to lear and his knights. goneril wishes to force lear into a confrontation so that she may address his offensive behavior.
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book discussions. [Friday
October 21st, 2005

all right guys. the first day back from break we got two shakespearean plays to read. the first is hamlet, which we will be reading in class. i don't think this book is going to be a problem for anyone. after all, we get to discuss everything in class each day. but the other book she gave us was king lear. so, now it's time for us to start up book discussions of our own in order to help everyone along.

everyday (hopefully) kate and i will be able to make a post just like this one for each lump of scenes. these specific entries will be the place where you leave questions and comments so that other people can help you. when kate and i make another entry for the next scenes, we will leave links for you to go back to the previous book discussions so you never miss a thing!

but guys, in order for this to work and actually be helpful to everyone, we need for you guys to participate.
and if possible, tell people you know who have ap english about this. the more people, the better.

- tanya & kate.
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